We have listed some of the most frequent questions that we are asked. If you do not find the information you need here please contact us for assistance.

General Signage

My sign is looking faded, is there anything to brighten it up or should I have it replaced?

Yes, you can wash the sign with soap & water then give it a coat of good automotive wax. However, it might also be a good time to consider a fresh look. You will be surprised how many people will comment on a new sign.

Will you use paint or vinyl, which is better, which lasts longer?

Vinyls have come a long way since we started using them in our signs 14 years ago, and for the most part there isn’t much we can’t do with them. However, certain jobs like sandblasted signs requires paint. Each job is handled individually. Lifespan of both materials is similar, although vinyl hasn’t been around long enough to get long term results.

Do you need the PMS color numbers of our logo so you can match them on our sign?

A- We will use them as reference when computer cut vinyl is involved, to match to our vinyl manufacturers colors. If your job is being digitally printed, we will use the actual PMS color, however results still vary.

I’m getting prices for a new sign, can you provide us with a layout and quote?

A- The quote is no problem, however the layout is going to require a deposit which can be applied towards your job when you order it.

Can I apply this vinyl myself?

If you feel comfortable with it, no problem. We will even give you some quick pointers when you pick it up. And if you get started and feel it’s too hard, we will finish it for you.

Our logo is on our website, can you use it?

A- No. The images are just too small to do anything with. See our Policies under “Contact Us” for acceptable files.


I want to wax my car, should I do it before or after you’ve lettered it

Do nothing but wash the surface before bringing in your vehicle. We will degrease pryer to applying graphics to make sure there is good adhesion.

Our vehicle was just re-painted, do I need to wait to have it lettered

Yes. At least 2 weeks to allow the new paint to fully cure (not just dry). During that time, solvents are coming to the surface and show up as air bubbles if graphics are applied.

How long should I wait before washing my vehicle now that it’s lettered

2 weeks before you use any type of high pressure water or any automated carwashs. However, you may hand wash with care, the same day with automotive soap and warm water.

I’m looking for some graphics to break up the look of my new truck, do you have any suggestions

Best bet here is to go through our autographics brochures in our shop or bring in some photo’s of the type of work you like. There are so many avenues to take, it helps when we get a feel for what you like.

I want to letter the windows of our van but am concerned with visbility. Will I still be able to see out

The lettering on glass is surprizingly easy to see past. If there is a concern, we can use Vision Vinyl which is the same product used on buses. Come and take a look in our shop!

How big a vehicle can you fit in your shop

Our door is 9′ wide by 8′ high, and the floor area is 22′ x 40′ in the back portion of the shop. No project to large, we can arrange for shop space adequate for the job!!